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Lecturas recomendadas


Lecturas recomendadas Curso 2018-2019 (Inglés)


Se establecen varias lecturas recomendadas para cada nivel. Precisamente, por ser lecturas recomendadas y no obligatorias, el Departamento considera conveniente sugerir cierta variedad de títulos para que la lectura resulte atractiva a todo tipo de lectores.


Nivel Básico I

 A elegir entre los siguientes títulos:

• Zorro!  by Johnston McCulley. Starter A1. Vicens-Vives. Black Cat.

• Sherlock Holmes: The Emerald Crown by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. One Dominoes. Oxford University Press.


Nivel Básico II

  A elegir entre los siguientes títulos:

• A Christmas Carol. By Charles Dickens, Oxford Bookworms

• Seven Stories of Mystery and Horror. By Edgar Allan Poe.  MacMillan Readers.


Nivel Intermedio B1

  A elegir entre los siguientes títulos:

• High Life, Low Life. By Alan Battersby. Cambridge University Press. 

• The Client. By John Grisham. Penguin readers.

• 1984. By George Orwell. Penguin Readers.

• Teacher Man. By Frank McCourt. Penguin


• A Tale of Two Cities. By Charles Dickens-Retold by Ralph Mowat. Oxford University Press

• Death of an Englishman. By Magdalen Noob – Retold by Diane Mowat. Oxford University Press.

• The Unquiet Grave. By M.R. James-Retold by Peter Hawkins.Oxofrd University Press. 


Nivel Intermedio B2.1

• The Curious incident of the dog in the night-time. Mark Haddon 

• Frozen pizza and other slices of life. By Antoinette Moses. Cambridge University Press. 

• Zlata´s Diary. By Zlata Filipović, Janine Di Giovanni, Christina Pribichevich-Zoric.  Penguin Books.

• Strangers on a Train Bk/CD Pack . Author(s): Patricia Highsmith. Penguin Readers.

• The secret diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 3/4. By Sue Townsend.

• Shopaholics Collection. By Sophie Kinsella.


Nivel Intermedio B2.2

• And All for Love. By D. Mowat. Oxford Bookworms Collection. 

• From the Cradle to the Grave. By C.West.    

• Crime Never Pays. By C. West Oxford Bookworms Collection.

• The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. By M. Haddon.  Definitions. 

• Animal Farm. By G. Orwell. Penguin Books.

• Brave New World. By Aldous Huxley. Penguin Books. 

• My Sister´s Keeper. By Jodi Picoult

• Slumdog millionaire. By Vikas Swarup

• The Kite Runner. By Khaled Hosseini (original version)

• Night-time. By M. Haddon.  Definitions. 


Nivel Avanzado C1.1 

• The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. By M. Haddon. Definitions

• The Queen and I  By Sue Townsend

• Animal Farm. By G. Orwell. Penguin Books.

• Slumdog Millionaire. By Vikas Swarup

• Horror Stories    MacMillan Literature Collections

• Science Fiction Stories    MacMillan Literature Collections

• American Stories    MacMillan Literature Collections